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Hubertus Christian Wiedenbeck is the founder and owner of CW Audio Consulting Services. He is in the Pro Audio business for more than 30 years and is specialised in sales and marketing of studio, PA and PI systems, monitoring, and audio consoles for theatres, concert halls etc. As a manager for marketing and sales he has been the crosspoint between the manufacturers and the customer’s needs. He was involved in developing hardware for multitrack recording and the control software of Live mixing consoles for theatres.
Chris was the founder of Studiosound + Music GmbH (1977) and Plus Audio GmbH (1988), he was the distributor and responsible manager for sales and marketing of  brands such as Allen + Heath, Lyrec, Starsound Dynamics, Calrec Microphones, Midas, QSC, Trident Audio, Mitsubishi Digital, Platinum, Fostex, EAA, SAJE, Ateis, Tactile Technology and others. From 1981 until 1988 he was member of the Fostex designteam.
In the past years he has concentrated on marketing and export for manufacturers, such as Lawo, Klein + Hummel, Tamura Corp. of Japan, Fuji Sound/Hyfax of Japan and others. The sum of his experience in this business, plus his contacts to manufacturers, distributors and dealers is the base concept of his new company: CW Audio Consulting Services. Individual solutions and detailed market analysis is only the beginning for a successful start for your product in Europe. CWAudio can offer a wide range of services to manufacturers, trade and contractors to find the right distribution partners, products or services. The complete list of services can be looked up from the list on the left side of this page, or from the general press information pages.

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