Translation Services

The field of audio is a very global business, which either needs a translation into the relevant local languages, but most important: a correct translation into the important international language of audio: English. The normal English which is taught at school, or the everyday English spoken from time to time, will not be sufficient to clearly express the details of this business. The technical terms are too special. Here CW Audio can offer valuable assistance to you:
* * More than 28 years of experience in the Pro Audio business
* * Familiar with technical specifications
* * Correct terminology
* * Familiar with analogue and digital audio systems
* * Experienced in DSP technology
* * Translations for the Pro Audio Industry

Not only special translations, but also during exhibitions you can rely on the service of the CW Audio staff. Our translation service does not only cover the English language, we can also organise French / Japanese / Spanish / Chinese speaking staff for you. We also can assist you when it comes to signing contracts with dealers and distributors. Here we can offer you a number of standard contracts, which have been crosschecked by German lawyers, so you only need to fill in your special modifications, without having to see your own lawyer for approval.

CW Audio Consulting Services - correct translations for your audio business.

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