M 4000 Service

You own or service a TACTILE TECHNOLOGY M 4000 console? In this case, CW Audio is the best contact for you when you need service, information or spare parts for servicing this digital controlled, analogue console. We have taken over the complete stock of spare parts from the manufacturer, modules and even complete consoles, all in factory-new condition. You may select from VCA or Motorfader-Controllers, which we can sell with a limited warranty. We also have complete M 420 input racks, M 430 group racks and M 440 central computers in stock, plus a large number of individual input PCBís of the latest generation, fully tested to our specifications. Moreover, we have a vast number of encoders, motorfaders, VCA-faders, ICís, LEDís, transistors, VCA-chips ( That 2155 ), meters, displays, complete fader panels, complete input/EQ, group/AUX master and monitor panels in stock. All parts can be shipped out immediately. .

We know the M 4000 in all details, and we are familiar with itís good and weak points. In case of service we can assist you with the complete service manuals and a number of good advice if you try to trace down a problem. When you are facing a service problem with your M 4000, please send us an E-mail with a detailed description of the problem.
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