In the final stage of developing your new product, all your manpower was concentrated on day X of the presentation. There was no time to prepare a good and interesting product information, owner’s manual, a brochure or even a press information? 
This is a typical job for CW Audio Consulting services. Whilst you are making the final modifications on your product, we will write:
* * the first version of the user manual,
* * a product information
* * the first press information
* * a layout for the product’s brochure
* * and we can offer you some marketing assistance
So you can keep your heads free for your main business. The basic concept can be filled with actual modifications and corrections, technical data can be added and you get this as a file - or we take it to our printers.

A new manual?
No problem - this is what most marketing people or development engineers will think at the first place, when they see the need for a professional user manual. But the closer you are involved with your product, the better is the chance to write a boring or complicated manual, which will drive your customers crazy! Don’t spoil the enthusiasm of your customer with a too technical background in such a manual! 
CW Audio could be writing your manuals:
* * From a neutral point of view
* * Understandable for the normal customer
* * Describing functions step-by-step
* * For all functions
* * Easy to understand and related to practical use
Based on your technical papers and manuals we could also prepare:
* * Service manuals
* * Alignment procedures
* * Technical documentation
We also will translate your manuals into English, French or German. Fast and reliable. Written by service engineers, specialised in electronics and digital audio.

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