Seminars and training courses

CW Audio Consulting Services can also organise and prepare your seminars for technicians, dealers or end users. We not only will work out the product information "to the point", we also will show where the real advantages and distinguishing marks are, compared to the competitors. So your customers will know why your product is the better choice. Some topics of our recent seminars:
* * Theatre consoles and PA systems
* * Wireless microphone technologies
* * Stereo and 5.1 Surround-Monitoring,
* * Digital controlled consoles for theatres and Live-sound
* * PA-speaker systems, digital controllers and power amps
* * PA-Systems and mixing for beginners and advanced technicans
* * Basic studio and microphone technologies
* * Wiring systems for audio
* * Digital console for studio and broadcasting
We also can offer a number of training courses, which will lead to a technical or product qualification of the participants. It is also possible to work out such a seminar for a training of sales people or engineers, or for a qualification-training for product specialists amongst your dealers.

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